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Saving you money from A to Z

Azulverde Living offers you standardized turnkey designer dream homes in three sizes, with classic or premium finish, lovingly created by our in-house design team. Save on design and construction costs. In as little as twelve weeks after you select your home from our catalogue, you can move into your new Azulverde dream Home.

No building permits required

Our structures require no foundation (they rest on stilts or on a plinth) and hence no building permits are required. And, once you have invested in an Azulverde Home, you will have minimal maintenance costs. Say good-bye to re-plastering, water damage repairs and other costly inconveniences! A coat of paint every few years suffices. If you choose to put a finish on top of the MgO boards, your home is quasi indestructible.

We endeavor to merge the outside and inside for a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, thus contributing to your and your family’s wellbeing We can save you long term costs by providing solar powered heating, cooling, LED lights and street lights. If you desire, we can help you go completely off the grid. Or you can combine solar power with the grid. Add any of our solutions to your Azulverde Customized Designer Home, from an Azulverde Living Pool to rainwater harvesting and an organic edible garden.

We minimize your ecological footprint by working with the natural elements and by using advanced state of the art technologies that suit your particular situation best. We save you money and headaches before, during and after the construction process, as well as in future maintenance and electricity costs.

Standardized Azulverde home designs coming soon.

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