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The frequency of life

Over are the days where you had to shiver in your home during winter! We offer you economical, aesthetically pleasing and healthy far infrared heaters that will contribute greatly to your quality of life.

Far infrared is the frequency of the sunlight that is required for life on earth, which is why it is called Pi (Life) energy. It is what we experience as the warmth of the sun and also what a living body emits in the form of heat. On a cold day when you stand in the shade, you will feel the cold air. Yet, when you stand in the sunshine, you feel warm. This phenomenon happens not because the temperature is higher – it is the same – but because the infrared rays of the sun are warming your body. This principle is used in far infrared heaters which emit the same frequency as the sun. Besides producing a pleasant form of heat that doesn’t dry the air and the skin and air passages, far infrared heaters also save you money and are actually healing.

A natural and healing warmth

Infrared heating is different from conventional convection heating in that it heats the actual fabric of the building not just the air. Convection heat requires a medium to transfer the heat, like air for example. Infrared heat panels, on the other hand, do not use the air in the room for heat transference but the mass – the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture. They absorb the rays and emit the heat at a steady, even and consistent level, ensuring an equal spread of heat around the room. People inside that room will feel warmer, faster. This is due to the fact that the healthy infrared rays heat the body directly before heating the room. At the same time, this reduces air movement in the room which minimizes problems with dust allergens and bacteria, making it an ideal solution for allergy suffers.

Saves money

To generate the infrared waves you need less energy than traditional electric heaters which makes them very economical to run. Also once the room has heated up the panels only have to maintain the temperature and therefore only draw power for about one third of the time that they are switched on. As they are not reliant on the air temperature the thermostat can be turned down a few degrees and you will still feel comfortably warm in your home.

Additionally, our far infrared panels are sleek and pleasing to the eye. You can mount them on walls or on the ceiling and they will simply blend in.

Infrared health benefits

Far infrared energy is used in many different commercial and medical applications such as incubators in nursery wards, far infrared saunas, far infrared medical devices for pain management and far infrared clothing. Infrared is not only safe but offers many health benefits.

Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate all layers of the body, including muscles and bones. They warm up the whole body, not just the surface as in the case of electric heaters and blankets, for instance. By doing so and by increasing the blood flow, the cells detoxify faster. This means inflammation in the body, hence pain, is reduced, a reason why far infrared is used in medical applications. The cells also receive more nutrients and oxygen, detoxifying the body at the deepest level and regenerating it. Far infrared heaters will help you stay healthy, or will contribute to your healing if you are ill. They keep you warm and well – Is that amazing or what.? And to think that you probably hadn’t heard of them before.

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