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Would you love to have a swimming pool in your home, development or resort, but are afraid of the building and maintenance costs as well as the hassle of keeping it clean? Do you prefer bathing in natural rather than chlorinated water? Azulverde Living Pools may be the solution you have not dared dreaming of.

Most of us believe that by drinking filtered water we escape being contaminated by water. However, what your skin and lungs absorb during a ten minute shower is more than the chemicals you ingest drinking eight glasses of water from that same tap. Now extrapolate: Imagine what the chlorine in a swimming pool does to you when you spend half an hour in it. Have you ever thought about how many pounds of chemicals go into a typical swimming pool? These toxic additives also penetrate your pores when you are in the water, reaching every organ of your body within seconds. While swimming is one of the healthiest sports, the chlorine added to the water to kill the bacteria makes this activity hazardous to your wellbeing.

Instead of chemicals, let Nature clean the water, naturally. With the proper layout and vegetation that maintains the right bacteria and pH balance of your pool, no toxic additives, nor salt or ozone are required to keep it clean. With Azulverde Living Pools we help you create your own non-toxic, chemical-free water garden and swimming pool. Enchanting for the eye, healthy for your family and the environment.

Azulverde Living Pools consist of two parts: The plant portion, or regeneration zone, which is separated from the swimming area by a wall a few inches below the water’s surface. The regeneration zone where the water is cleansed naturally is about a third to half the size of the swimming portion. Depending on their size, the pools have a or several pumps that circulate the water through the regeneration zone and back into the swimming area.

The aquatic plants filter out contaminants and use nutrients from the water as food which helps prevent algae. Then rocks, such as granite river rock or haydite, to which friendly bacteria attach, act as biological filters. Beneficial bacteria (micro-organisms and microbes) colonize the rock and help cleanse the water. Natural predators such as water striders and dragonflies will come to live in the enrichment area and feast on mosquitoes. If you chose to have a skimmer installed this will keep mosquitoes in check as well.

Our natural pools do not require a cement casing and tiles, nor a pool liner. We use a waterproof paste on which we then put a pool liner. You can thus create it of any size and shape you desire. A pump and possibly a skimmer are the only equipment that you need to keep the water in circulating and regenerating itself. Thus, the cost of maintenance is reduced to the minimum. Operating a Living Pool is not only easier, but much cheaper than any other type of pool.

Et voila! You are ready to take advantage of all these sunny Indian days and can cool off naturally. An extra bonus: A water body close to your house reduces your indoor heat.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Inexpensive
  • Reduces all associated costs including electricity, chemical and equipment replacement
  • Prolongs life of all equipment and reduces staining and corrosion on pool surface, fixtures, glass fencing and landscaping
  • Power saving when the pool is winterized or not in use
  • Excellent filtration and water clarity due to the flocculating process
  • Works with all types of pumps and filters
  • Improves air quality for indoor pools
  • Automatic and user friendly – easy to operate
  • Low voltage – lower power consumption – less expenses
  • Ecological
  • Healthy: no harmful chemicals that penetrate the skin and affect your and your family’s wellbeing. Swim in healthy, living water instead.
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