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Deepak Dhir

Azulverde Living is the brainchild of Deepak Asarpota and his wife Irma Bättig. Both are citizens of the world who are now established in Mumbai .

Deepak stems from a family of architects, his grandfather having designed several landmarks of Indian architecture including the Udaipur Lake Palace hotel. With 35 years of experience in the construction and interior decoration field in India and the USA under his belt, he has intimate knowledge of what conventional construction and interiors entail. His company Internal Affairs has been undertaking interior decoration and civil projects for homes, offices and entire buildings. One of his areas of expertise is the waterproofing of buildings, an eternal challenge in countries with heavy rains like India. Another specialty in heavy demand is the maximum utilization of space, this commodity being at a premium in mega cities like Mumbai.

In India, he has launched and marketed brand new concepts and products with revolutionary technologies like single lever bath mixers replacing conventional taps, ceramic tiles in lieu of mosaic and other tiles, and engineered wood (MDF) substituting for natural wood and plywood. He has worked in top managerial posts with large companies in the building material industry introducing innovative products and concepts to professionals and end users in the construction and interior design industry.

Irma is a healer and coach who helps her clients return to a state of balance. Human wellbeing cannot be separated from that of our planet. Sustainable green construction is essential for both: Healthy people and a healthy environment. Architecture has been one of Irma’s hobbies since her early teens; she has designed the interiors of their many homes and restaurants both in India and abroad. Originally from Switzerland, Irma too knows how precious space is. She adheres to the “form follows function” principle of nature and of modern architecture. She promotes practical, esthetical designs that put us back in touch with nature and that create balance within and without.

A quest driven by our own needs

Wanting to build a home for themselves, their quest was driven by their own need to find solutions to the multiple issues inherent in today’s prevalent construction methods and materials. It led them to the discovery of a certified green building material and construction method that solve all these problems at once.

Their great desire to share their findings with as many people as possible – and, let’s be honest, the wish to shake up the encrusted building industry – led to Azulverde Living. The favorable reception their ecological and sound answers that put people back into harmony with their environment are encountering is proof that the public is thirsty for a novel way of looking at building and creating their living spaces. While increasing your quality of life, with an Azulverde Home you are also contributing to a healthier, happier planet.

The team

We work with a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals from India and abroad that cover every aspect of our specialized assortment of products and services.

Our pledge

Living delivers
esthetical yet functional
environment-friendly homes.
We provide high value for money.
We deliver a superior, high tech product
without the drawbacks of conventional construction.

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