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Imagine a green building material and construction method that solves the problems of conventional constructions once and for all, and all at once, too.

We use aluminum honeycomb, a material that is employed by NASA as well as for aircrafts. It is lightweight yet extremely sturdy and offers outstanding insulation properties. Sandwiched between two MGO boards as 8 by 4 foot panels, we have a winning combination. MGO is the reason for the Great Wall of China still standing today, 2200 years after its construction. We are talking light – one third the weight of brick buildings – and sturdy. The SIPs construction method, commonly used abroad, allows for quick on-site assembly – and also dismantling. You move? Take your home with you.

Because no foundation is required, our Azulverde Living structures do not fall under the building rules and require no building permits. This means you can now build your dream vacation home on the beach or in the forest.

Advantages no other building material offers

Our structures offer outstanding benefits in a combination that you won’t find in any other construction material.They have unsurpassed insulation properties that maintain ambient temperatures indoors, irrespective of the external temperature, as well as lowering your noise exposure considerably. They are water-resistant (the immersed part of the Brooklyn Bridge is made of MGO), fire-retardant, earthquake proof, tornado-proof, termite proof and mold proof. These are intrinsic properties of our construction materials, hence no chemical or toxic treatments are required.

Welcome cutting-edge ecology

Ecological living does not have to mean going back to the Stone Age. It can be done by a clever use of the most cutting-edge technologies available. What is good enough for NASA will be good enough for your home.

Green living doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either. In fact, considering that an Azulverde Home will cause minimal to no maintenance costs, building with us will cost you less in actual Rupees. This does not even include the savings in time and effort from your end. You don’t have to supervise an extended construction process. You can limit your contribution to deciding what you want your home to look and feel like.

Healthy living among other aspects means that our materials don’t emit any toxic gases. No toxic filling materials or glues are used. No harmful black mold, so common in Indian homes, can grow on our materials. And termites don’t eat MgO

And remember: While increasing your and your family’s quality of life, with an Azulverde Home you are also contributing to a healthier, happier planet.

Azulverde dwellings
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