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Would you love to have a swimming pool in your home, development or resort, but are afraid of the building and maintenance costs as well as the hassle of keeping it clean? Do you prefer bathing in natural rather than chlorinated water? Azulverde Living PoolsTM may be the solution you have not dared dreaming of.

Mother Nature does it best. With the proper layout and vegetation that maintains the right bacteria and pH balance of your pool, no toxic additives, nor salt or oxygen are required to keep it clean.

Additionally, our natural pools do not require a cement casing and tiles, nor a pool liner. We use a waterproof paste to line the pool. You can thus create it of any size and shape you desire. A pump is all the technical equipment that you need to take advantage of all these sunny Indian days and cool off naturally. An extra bonus: A water body close to your house reduces your indoor heat.

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