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A No Brainer

It’s easy to see the benefits of energy saving appliances in terms of the money you save: your electricity bill reflects them on a monthly basis, black on white. Of course it is also obvious to most that it helps the environment. But did you know that they also improve the economy, enhance national security and improve your overall quality of life?

Energy Star appliances save up to 30 percent electricity. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs saves up to 80 percent energy. If you and others reduce their energy needs, it won’t be necessary to create new power plants. Be they powered by coal, oil or natural gas, they all have a negative impact on the planet. Not to mention nuclear power stations. The environment thanks you, and you may just save your and your children’s future. Fukushima can happen elsewhere too, not just in Japan…

How does energy efficiency impact the economy? It saves the government, the citizens and businesses considerable amounts of money. In addition, energy efficiency projects (like building improvements and infrastructure repairs) create jobs and spur innovation.

Depending on foreign energy sources like oil leads to national dependency. The less power is required, the more energy independent a nation becomes.

A better insulated home feels more comfortable than one that needs to be constantly heated or air-conditioned. LED lights, for instance, hardly emit any heat that warms up the interior additionally.

Home appliances look pretty much the same on the outside, but they vary greatly in terms of energy-efficiency and operating costs. The more energy-efficient an appliance is, the less it costs to run. You can lower your utility bill and help protect the environment.

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