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The versatility of the products make these the architects’ and the designers’ favorite. MgO boards and MgO aluminum sandwich boards are light weight and extremely strong. They also are fire retardant, termite proof, insect proof, impact resistant, shock resistant and weather proof thereby possessing great insulation properties including sound insulation. They are used for new structures, ceilings, partition walls, false ceilings, furniture, etc.

For architects, supervising a site and ensuring that the workmanship and design execution is as per their high standards is a nightmare. After years of toiling to finish the site as per their specifications they may be forced to hand over a product which is not as per their exacting standards, thereby spoiling their professional reputation.

After design selection we deliver the structure within 10 weeks and will hand it over to you to move in within totally 12 weeks. Imagine, no sound and dust pollution, without truckloads of material going to and fro. Without cost over runs and personal supervision.

Azulverde Architects
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