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Bespoke eco-luxury for the discerning

Picture your own designer dream home, created as if by magic in less than 12 weeks. This is the time we require to deliver your product after the architectural designs have been approved. Avoid the hassles of brick construction with an innovative factory-made modular building technology. Our turnkey designer homes are composed of the most advanced and ecologically sound materials and fitted with energy-saving technologies.

Bring us your own design wishes and we convert them into an architectural plans. Or you can deliver us ready-made plans that we will execute as per your specifications. Once the plans are approved, the structure is made in the factory under controlled conditions. Expect superior quality. You don’t have to travel to the site every weekend to supervise the construction and tear your hair out. Creating your new home, from the approved design to possession in three months-time has become a reality. Your dwelling is delivered to your plot of land and assembled within a few days. And voilà, without the usual hassle, you are ready to move into your dream home.

Your needs change? Your Azulverde Home follows. It can be adapted according to your altered circumstances, simply and without breaking brick walls.

We have a large variety of natural stones and wood laminates for internal and external cladding and flooring, allowing you to personalize your dwelling and create your own, individual look. You can even add green walls inside or outside. With cladded walls, you say good-bye to costly maintenance.

Create your own paradise

We endeavor to merge the outside and inside for a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, thus contributing to your and your family’s well being. We can save you long term costs by providing solar powered heating, cooling, LED lights and street lights. If you desire, we help you go completely off the grid. Or you might want to combine solar power with the grid. Add any of our solutions to your Azulverde Customized Designer Home, according to your needs and desires, from an Azulverde Living Pool to rainwater harvesting and an organic edible garden and create your own paradise.

We minimize your ecological footprint by working with the natural elements and by using advanced state of the art technologies that suit your particular situation best. We save you money and headaches before, during and after the construction process, as well as in future maintenance and electricity costs.

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