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Welcome to the world of Azulverde Living, a holistic provider for healthy, sustainable and economically sound dwelling solutions. Under one roof, you find the essential elements that allow you to reduce your carbon-footprint and to conserve and restore the environment, while at the same time increasing your family’s wellbeing. We have made sensible and ecological living chic and attainable, Environment-friendly buildings do not have to be rustic or primitive. We offer you, the discerning client, affordable and practical cutting-edge solutions for luxurious green living! Healthy for your family, your wallet and your planet.

Easy.. Customized

Consider us the one stop shop for green living. Rather than having to study the topic extensively, then shop around to find solution providers, we have done the homework for you. Collaborating with specialists covering the various aspects of organic and earth-friendly living, we keep abreast of new developments. Since more and more people are waking up to the necessity of cleaning up our act and our planet, technologies are evolving rapidly, becoming more efficient, effective and affordable. Just think about LED lights that can save up to 80 percent of the power conventional lighting uses up, and without containing any toxic material. Also, most governments are now making it mandatory to integrate at least a minimum of green technologies in new buildings, while rewarding individual initiatives with tax credits or subsidies. And because it is an extensive, rapidly evolving field, we do the heavy lifting for you: You can relax knowing that we have assessed your needs to present you with the optimal solution for you particular case.


Imagine not needing a building permit to construct your vacation home on the beach. Fancy yourself in a modern home that offers the comfort you expect, and more, and that is delivered to you, turn-key, in as little as three months. See yourself turning on the lights, knowing that you won’t have to pay an electricity bill becauseyou have your own reliable power source – the sun.  Feel yourself immersed in the refreshing water of an Azulverde Living Pool that contains no harmful chemicals. Take a bite of a delicious tomato grown in your own organic veggie patch. And add to this already stunning picture the certainty of minimal maintenance costs in the future.

Stress free construction, well-appointed, healthy living

Too good to be true? At Azulverde Living, we have made it our purpose to provide you with all of the above, plus a lot more. Have a closer look at our detailed website and let yourself be inspired to the life of your dreams. If you can envision it, we can most likely make it.

Our pledge

Living delivers
esthetical yet functional
environment-friendly homes.
We provide high value for money.
We deliver a superior, high tech product
without the drawbacks of conventional construction

Dream your ideal adobe – let us turn it into a stunning reality

  • Custom made modular structures of high quality craftsmanship, non-toxic, superior insulation properties, fire retardant, water, earthquake, wind, termite and mold resistant.
  • Solar power technologies for the home
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water treatment
  • Sewage solutions
  • Water saving fixtures
  • Natural Azulverde Pools and water bodies (no chlorine, no salt, minimal maintenance)
  • Green roofing and green walls
  • Edible landscaping
  • Double pane windows with superior insulation properties
  • Energy saving appliances
  • Healthy, economical far infrared heaters for indoors and outdoor sitting areas
  • Coolers and air conditioners
  • LED lighting

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