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Use sun light to cool!

Instead of an air-conditioning unit being hooked up to the grid, why not use one that is powered by the sun, free of charge? A solar powered cooler runs on power produced directly from solar panels or from a battery. During daytime whenever sufficient sunlight is available the DC current produced by the Solar panel directly powers the Air Cooler. In cases of low sunshine and during the night a battery backup is required to run the cooler. The advantage of using such a type of cooler is that it is economical because it totally eliminates the consumption of AC power.

It can help reduce the electricity peak demand associated with conventional cooling, as maximum solar radiation usually occurs when cooling is needed. Solar thermal cooling can also operate in the evening by using thermal storage. When summer is over, solar cooling systems can be used for heating purposes such as domestic hot water preparation or space heating.

Solar Coolers and Air Conditioners
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