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Water is life. Potable water is becoming an increasingly rare commodity all over the globe due to pollution and sinking water tables. Especially in India, the situation is serious, yet still mostly ignored. Even more so after a bad monsoon, when animals and even people find it difficult to get access to drinking water. Better water management is thus essential for the world, and crucial for India.

 You can help by using water saving fixtures like the ones we offer, and by recycling grey water. You can also collect and utilize rain water instead of letting it run into the sewage system. Rainwater harvesting means capturing the rain when it falls on your roof and directing it through down-pipes into storage containers, or using it to recharge the groundwater. When it is stored in tanks, measures need to be taken to keep that water clean by not allowing polluting activities to take place in the catchment. The purpose is to provide irrigation water and possibly even drinking water. Thus, the roof needs to be made of material that does not leach taste, color or toxicity into the water.

Our specialists help you calculate your specific storage needs and decide on the type of storage tank and system that suits your needs best.

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